Mobogenie 3.0 intelligent management

An ideal tool to manage the phone from the desktop. Featuring updated interface for Windows 8 system for sending messages via PC, content backup and options to download applications, music and images.

Smartphones are becoming better and more improved technology. With more and more advanced processor, greater storage capacity, multiprocessor and advanced camera, a good device can easily overcome a notebook or desktop common.

However, the problem is that the smartphone screen does not always cooperate. Slide your finger across the screen hinders the display of items, not counting any stronger pressure can trigger another menu, delete an important item or change the device settings. Thinking about it, it was created baixar mobogenie . With it, you can manage the phone from the desktop comfort.


The software installation process is very simple. Click the download button included on this page and when you’re done unzip the contents into a folder on your computer. Click the program’s executable and proceed in the process by clicking the “Agree” and “Next.” One of the software’s advantages is that it does not need a client installed on your smartphone, just the version of the computer.



Visually the application is quite nice and is already adapted to the standard Windows 8. In a program located at the top of the bar are located the buttons to display phone information, download apps, games, music, images and videos. At the top of the right hand, a search bar makes it possible to find applications that can be installed on the smartphone.

The connection between the desktop and the computer is fast and simple. Open the application on your computer and connect your phone with the USB cable. In a few seconds the phone will be recognized by the software. If your Android is not recognized by the tool, check the device debug settings and allow access to the computer.

In the software of the lower bar, you can view the download manager and options embedded in the tool player: Play, Stop, Forward, Back, Forward, and adjust the volume.

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